Musical background?

I’m classically trained flautist who dropped out before getting the Bachelor’s degree. Becoming full time teacher didn’t really feel right and being classical musician is not very good career in Finland. During my studies I also took lessons in piano and singing. I teach flute playing part time and currently I study at University of Technology.

Instruments and equipment?

  • Flute – my main instrument
  • EWI (electronic wind instrument) – This is one makes some nice sounds! List of the sounds here
  • Piano – I use it to make backtracks for myself, mostly playing chords
  • E. Bass – Haven’t really played this much, just got this summer (2017)
  • E. Violin – This I’ve had more than 6 months  but haven’t really practiced it..
  • Boing Boing (jaw harp) – this is THE THING on my streams. There’s a reason my community is called Boingverse
  • Other instruments: Melodica, shaker, tin whistle …?
  • Mixer, microphone, loop pedal


I have two Golden Retrievers. Ruusa is 5+ years old and my very first dog. Alma is her daughter and she’s 2. They are normally very energetic but usually when I stream they sleep either on the background or go upstairs.

Let me know if there’s something else you would like to see here!