Community Celebration Weekend 10th Feb – 12th Feb

January has been the craziest month so far, in a positive way. I’m gonna dedicate one weekend to you and stream more than I normally do. This celebration weekend is my way of showing you how much I love your support and help with everything that comes to my music career. I’m going to announce the exact schedule next week but I’ll share the draft with you.

Fri 10th Feb: Board games with community using Tabletop Simulator. GIVEAWAY: 2 keys for Tabletop Simulator! (requires Steam)
Sat 11th Feb: Beginner violin stream (also Rocksmith with violin if the cable comes!), other games?
Sun 12th Feb: Flute stream (as usual) and possibly games!

Feel free to comment if you want to see some specific games during the weekend or if you have cool ideas for Saturday, other than violin and games.

All the events will be broadcast on
Make sure to follow me there if you want to see me go live. Thank you again for all the support and love! <3

If you want to sponsor the event somehow, contact me


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