Freelance Musician’s Online Income Sources

In this post, I talk about some ways you can earn money as a musician, working from home. This is not a guide on making fortunes, but just a post to give you some insight on several possible income streams online musicians can have.

I have divided these sources of income into three different groups.

Disclaimer: This post will include affiliate links to services/products I use

Paid Work

This is probably the most obvious way to start earning money: getting paid by directly putting hours in as a freelancer. It is easy to start as part-time and if you do this through a freelancing service, like Fiverr, you don’t need to have a massive following. You should, however, fill your profile and the gig info as well as possible and offer a good sample of your work to the portfolio.

There’s a whole section on Fiverr for music and audio. Here are some ideas for musicians though:

  • Session Musician
  • Teaching
  • Creating Jingles / Composing

Content Creation & Monetization

First of all, this requires a lot of work and isn’t as easy as it sometimes might seem, whichever platform you’re using. You need to love creating content. It’s also very likely you’ll have to do it for free for quite some time to grow your audience and to prove you’re creating valuable content.

Here are some forms of content creation that can be monetized:

  • YouTube videos (1k subscribers & 4k watch hours required)
  • Blogging (usually monetized with ads)
  • Revenue from music streams and sales (Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.)
  • Live streaming (affiliate & partner programs)

There are several ways to monetize the content you create, on top of the platform-specific options. Patreon is a platform that makes it possible for you to offer your audience some exclusive content while they support your work, in a form of membership.

Another way to monetize is to accept tips. For example, Streamlabs is popular among live streamers, ko-fi is used by some YouTubers and artists.

content creative monetization

Other sources

This last group is income that’s mostly generated by other than your music but requires you to have some sort of audience already.

  • Affiliate sales
  • Merchandise sales

For example, Amazon has an affiliate program that lets you generate revenue when someone shops using your link. They even have an extension for Twitch panels you can use. You can sign up for several countries and after connecting the accounts you can access the income reports from one affiliate account. However, if you don’t make any sales for some time, your account will be disabled.

In the end, the most efficient income source for me has been the paid work I’ve gotten through Fiverr. However, all of these, except YouTube and blog, for now, generate me some sort of occasional income.

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