My Home Studio Essentials

As most of you already know, I’m working from home as musician. I record my covers and originals home, I record for customers from home and I live stream music on Twitch from home. In this post I go through my equipment I use for recording.

Disclaimer: This post will include affiliate links to the products I use.

Computer & Software

This might be obvious but I still wanted to include the computer in the list. I record everything with Cubase Elements 9. I’m using several VST instruments but the most important one is the piano VST, Addictive Keys.

Audio Gear

Audio Interface/Mixer

I am currently using Yamaha MG12XU mixing console as my interface. Mixer is easier for me as I have several inputs plugged in at the same time and I need to control several inputs, outputs and effects & volumes when I live stream. When I’m recording it’s way more simple and I could do with just a somewhat simple audio interface, as I can only play one instrument at a time (unfortunately!)


The microphone I use for flute is t.bone Ovid CC100 from Thomann. I’m extremely pleased with it as it doesn’t pick sound from background (I live in an apartment building and I have two dogs!). However, I’m not very pleased with the flute clip for it, as it picks up the key sounds. I’m using extra cushioning between but it still isn’t quite enough. I’m glad I can filter the sound off, though!

For speech and other random instruments I use t.bone SC400. I used to have it as the only mic but all the background noises happening in the building and with dogs made it harder to get recording done and live streams had some extras nearly always. Works for speech purposes extremely well, though.

Speakers & Headphones

When I’m recording I use headphones, AKG K72. Closed-back headphones work the best with flute as they block a lot of sound coming from outside the headphones. You can hear flute and backtracks in better balance than having open headphones.

I recently gave up using headphones for live streaming purposes. I have Mackie CR4 studio monitors for that. It is more of a personal choice, really. Even if the headphones are super comfortable I still rather not wear them if I don’t need to.

As you can probably notice, most of my recording gear isn’t very expensive. If you’re planning to do some recording home you don’t need to spend insane amounts of money to get started.

I left some things out I only use for live streams. I will post about my stream specific setup in the future. Make sure you subscribe to my mailing list to get notified of blog posts and other updates.