My Musical Journey

I am a classically trained flautist. I started playing the flute at the age of 9 when I got accepted in a music oriented school. After graduating upper secondary school I applied to a University to study mathematics and to a University of Applied Sciences to study flute playing. I got accepted in both and chose music.

During my studies I worked as a part time flute teacher. Teaching is wonderful when the students come to the lessons on their own will. Sadly, that’s not the reality. I noticed soon that full time teaching wasn’t my calling or something I could do for very long.

I took two years off from studies and worked as a teacher and other part time jobs trying to figure out what to do with my life. Then I went back for a year and decided to quit after losing my motivation in studies. I loved flute playing, but it didn’t seem possible to make a living out of it. I continued working as a part time teacher and on the other part time jobs.

Soon I had to think my future again. I got in to a University of Technology and wasn’t sure what to study. After studying for a while I found my calling finally. However, I missed flute playing every day.

In May 2016 I found out that there was a Creative section on Twitch where people were streaming their art creating, music making and other creative activities. Before that I had been watching other people streaming games and streamed some gaming myself every now and then. My first flute playing stream was 28th May 2016 and I’ve been streaming music ever since. Now I’m streaming flute playing and doing Youtube releases regularly. I haven’t studied any music production and I am trying to learn how to produce better quality content.